Earth Hour: changing the world one step at a time

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Frederico Vasconcellos
Jones Lang LaSalle, Brazil

How much energy can you save by turning off a light? It depends on how many times you do it.

The Jones Lang LaSalle Latin American team in Brazil first participated in Earth Hour in 2008, and our effort continues to grow. Last year, we achieved a reduction of 11,216 kWh for our clients, equivalent to almost 4 tons of CO2 emissions. The total energy savings by Jones Lang LaSalle managed properties in Latin America was the equivalent of almost two acres of pine trees absorbing CO2 for a year, or taking a car off the streets for six months, or a house without electricity for nearly four months.

On March 31st, Brazil will participate in Earth Hour again. On that day, from 20:30 pm to 21:30 pm, Jones Lang LaSalle will turn the nonessential lights off in our own offices in Brazil, and we will mobilize the people that manage 100 properties in the country. The company will also encourage all its customers, partners, suppliers and employees to be part of the event. This symbolic act will join millions of citizens and companies around the world in considering the future of our planet.

By turning off the lights, Brazil can show the world that we can work together for a sustainable future for humanity. Yes, turning off a light for an hour is a small action. But it proves that we can make a big change in our way of living, by thinking and working as a community.

Don’t forget! Earth Hour is coming up: This Saturday, March 31st 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM. Make sure to do your part and participate!

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