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Carey Guerin
Sustainability University

With this month’s Sustainablity Sessions webcast on “Lighting Upgrade and Efficiency Strategies” and the Earth Hour event on March 31st, I’ve got lamps, ballasts and Fiji on my mind. Why Fiji? Well, who wouldn’t want to be thinking about Fiji? More about Fiji in a minute.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Earth Hour. An event where individuals, businesses, and cities across the globe turn out their lights for one hour in support of the planet. As a personal fan of the organization’s Facebook page, I have been continually fed inspiring messages from their “I Will If You Will” campaign. A campaign where people submit YouTube videos explaining what they are willing to do to save the planet. One entry that stood out to me was His Excellency the President of Fiji, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau’s call to action. This 70 year old leader of a nation, commited to walking 30 kilometers (about 18 ½ miles) to raise awareness on climate issues while daring his fellow Fijians to also take action in support of the planet. Although this is a voluntary one-hour event, businesses may find themselves in the dark if they don’t keep on top of upcoming regulations regarding lighting here in the US and around the globe.

As part of our Sustainability Sessions webcast this month, three of our portfolio energy managers, Larry Lubeck, Chris Studney and Frank Teng touched on upcoming lamp phase outs taking affect this summer here in the US. This summer, most 4’ T12’s, T8 SP’s, T12 U-6 and U-3 will be phased out along with a few halogen PAR lamps. These regulations along with exciting new technologies in lamps and wireless controls are empowering businesses to take action for the planet through lighting.

You can take a look at inspiring photos of the world’s most iconic buildings participating in the Earth Hour event here. Perhaps these pictures will inspire you to take action and participate in this year’s Earth Hour event. I will. Will you?

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