What’s Your Credo?

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Michael Jordan
Strategic Consulting

As Chevy Chase famously pondered in the movie “Vacation,” Do you really gotta have a credo?

 I say, yes.  When it comes to sustainability, clear understanding of how your values drive your actions is an important insight.

My sustainability team is fueled by two practical credos:  Leave No Trace and Make an Impact.  On its face, these two philosophies conflict — how can you make an impact without leaving a trace?

Anyone who has done his or her share of camping is familiar with LNT.  It is an etiquette for outdoor recreation based on the idea that the next person visiting your wilderness should get the same — or better — experience as you.  It includes concepts such as “leave what you find” and “dispose of waste properly.”  It also includes guidance to “plan ahead and prepare.”  How fitting for today’s efforts to green the built environment.

At the same time, we in the sustainability field are interested in maximizing our impact.  For inspiration, check out Net Impact, a non profit with more than 280 chapters of undergrads, graduate students, and professionals working to change the world.  At JLL, we help our clients inspire employees to action, to be more eco-efficient and eco-effective.  Your impact area might be environmental or social,  using finance or technology or other interventions.  Whatever your toolset, make an impact.

And remember the immortal words of Chevy:  “Go for it.”

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