Rio+20 – Cities Play Key Role in Sustainable Development

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Dana Galiyeva
Upstream Sustainability Services, UK (Rio de Janeiro)

With the official part of the Rio+20 conference starting, one of the most vocal events today was “The Urban Games: A Competition to Promote Green Cities”, an event organised by the Asian Development Bank in association with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). With the help of a powerful audience of various stakeholders, including Mayors and governors from around the world, many fundamental issues of sustainable cities were raised and discussed.

Matthew Pencharz, Advisor for Environment and Political Affairs, Greater London Authority, discussed objectives forLondonand mentioned financing as a main obstacle for most of sustainability projects.  Remarkably, the opposite was suggested by a PwC representative who gave an example of a few audit case studies in different cities, where financing accounted only for 20-40% of barriers to implement projects.

Participants from various cities around the world shared their experience and thoughts on this regard, with every single one being unique and inspiring.

The main conclusion highlighted the necessity for local decision makers to harness existing knowledge, financial resources and a mix of available technologies in order to succeed in building sustainable cities.

More green infrastructure and buildings related events should take place on Friday, 22nd of June.

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