Breaking into Energy and Sustainability Services

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Brian Delsandro
Energy and Sustainability Services

Joining the ESS team as a dedicated Marketing Specialist has given me the unique opportunity to be involved in the launch of the first tool designed and created specifically for use by the regional ESS team, the Energy and Sustainability Platform (ESP). This project represents my first involvement in a major regional campaign, and has served as an excellent introduction to the corporate sustainability culture in the region.

What I’ve witnessed in this process is that one of the major barriers to overcome in developing a marketing plan around sustainability tools, which are inherently technical, is bridging the gap between the esoteric nature of the products and the language used to sell them. Over the last few months I’ve gained a significant amount of exposure to the methods our regional team has adopted to solve this issue. It’s been enlightening to witness the technical and business sides connect to find ways of condensing the value of something as sophisticated as a sustainability platform down to effective, relatable terms that our conceivably uninitiated audience can connect with. This experience has also given me the opportunity to develop my role as “fresh eyes” serving as a sort of litmus test of the ability of the draft messages to get across to a layman.

I suspect that this is a scenario that has played out many times over in the business of sustainable real estate, and that this learning experience will be a valuable tool as our business grows and develops in the region.

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