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Peter McColl
Work Experience, Jones Lang LaSalle

On Monday the 10 of September I travelled from Canberra to Sydney to undertake two weeks of work experience under the guidance of Joel Quintal, the Director of Sustainability in Australia.

At present I study a Bachelor of Science (Resource and Environmental Management) at the Australia National University so the two weeks working with the sustainability team tied in well with my degree, providing insight to how a corporation such as Jones Lang LaSalle works to enforce sustainable practices on a global scale. On top of this I was introduced to the Australian rating tools NABERS and Green Star, to comprehend how they grade on an operational and broad holistic front and acknowledge why they are a fundamental step to a greener tomorrow.

If I have learnt one thing from my time here it would be that the future is environmentally focussed, corporations are seeking advice from Jones Lang LaSalle to advance their own client base, which works as a positive feedback loop – JLL are reducing the environmental impacts of buildings they manage while at the same time enhancing the number of potential environmentally driven clients.

My time with Jones Lang LaSalle has proved to be incredibly insightful, not only have I had the privileged to work with such a functional team, I have been given the responsibility of working on projects that will feed directly into the future operations of the firm. As a student studying the impacts large corporations can have on the environment, I was amazed at the ingenuity Jones Lang LaSalle displayed in its management techniques. I am fortunate to have worked with a team that takes environmental concerns seriously and I look forward to hearing about the future operations Jones Lang LaSalle will undertake to further enhance their reputation as industry leaders in sustainability.

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