Energy and Carbon Reduction with ENERGY STAR

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Scott Elder
Jones Lang LaSalle

Last year’s ENERGY STAR National Building Competition included four Intuit properties managed by Jones Lang LaSalle.  The energy reductions we achieved were nowhere near as great as the eventual winner, but actually winning wasn’t the point. We helped Intuit save a lot of money, reduce carbon emissions, and gain valuable insight into the value of energy efficiency.

So for this year’s competition, Intuit has expanded the number of participating properties to 10, and our on-site engineers are more highly engaged than ever. Every property has an energy and carbon reduction goal, and a plan to reach its goal without investing a lot of capital beyond the usual repair and maintenance budgets.  One property is in the measurement and verification phase of an energy optimization program, while another has installed LED lights in the parking lot.

With more than 3,000 properties in this year’s competition, we have no expectation that our properties will shed enough energy intensity to win. We don’t even expect our buildings to achieve 20 percent reduction in order to get special recognition from ENERGY STAR. For one thing, some of the 10 buildings already achieved significant reductions in last year’s competition. But several properties are on track to reduce usage by 10 percent, which adds up to a lot of money and emissions.

Ultimately, the National Building Competition isn’t about winning. It’s about reducing energy and carbon, and reminding our on-site professionals to make energy savings a priority. Having start and end dates for the competition also helps our people to focus on conservation efforts.  The cost savings help Intuit, and the carbon emission reduction helps all of us. In addition to providing the motivation, ENERGY STAR also gives us a way to measure our progress.

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