Dan Probst and The Next Generation

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Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services

Dan Probst, who heads Jones Lang LaSalle’s global sustainability organization, just won the first VERGE 25 Award, recognizing his leadership and visibility in promoting sustainability through “next generation” buildings.

It’s well-earned. 

More important, though, the award confirms a wake-up message for the real estate industry … we are now in the midst of a technology revolution in the building management business, unlike anything we have ever seen.

“Smarter” systems are the new, lower-cost, fast way to building efficiency and energy savings.  Owners are quickly discovering that making existing building systems and equipment work smarter is quicker and more economical than replacing them.  This trends goes well beyond the building management systems that we have been using for years.  These new, super-smart systems use data from digital sensors and sophisticated algorithms to keep buildings perfectly “tuned” all the time – for optimal performance.  These system also pinpoint failures before they occur, minimizing repair costs and improving reliability.

Dan has been the leading proponent of our smarter building system, IntelliCommand, which is quickly becoming our most important tool for improving building performance and energy efficiency.

Thanks in part to his efforts, the next generation of buildings is already here.

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