Chicago Waves the Green Flag

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Bob Best

Energy and Sustainability Services

Many U.S. cities have initiated tremendous programs to become more sustainable through public and private efforts.

Most notable among recent plans is Chicago’s “2015 Sustainability Action Plan” published by Mayor Emanuel last September.  This comprehensive roadmap covers energy, transportation, water/wastewater, urban planning, recycling and climate change.

If other cities are seeking a model for building a similar all-encompassing effort, this covers all the bases clearly and concisely.  City agencies, community organizations and local businesses are lining up behind the plan to push Chicago’s green agenda, as outlined in the Plan, ahead.

The bigger message is that many cities across the country, like New York, San Francisco and Charlotte, are embracing sustainability with similar, well-organized initiatives.

So, in the spirit of friendly competition and cooperation, the race among U.S. cities is on.  Who will get the greenest the fastest?

This race is a little different, though.  There is no real finish line and everybody is going to win.

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