Are You Thinking Outside Your Perimeter?

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Bob BestPosted by:
Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services

As building managers we tend to think inside our buildings, making sure they operate effectively.  But, in doing so, we are missing a bigger picture, because the office-place of the future extends well beyond the walls of the buildings that we manage.

The new workers coming into our spaces do not fit into offices or even cubicles.  They are mobile and unconstrained by the old work structures.  Where and when work happens has less and less to do with “normal” business hours or workspaces.  These new employees are expecting more virtuality and expect work environments based on flexibility and work-life balance.  They expect office buildings to fit this new approach with different services, amenities and basic design features.

Building managers need to be thinking about how building occupants commute (or tele-commute), and how to support them.  We need to provide services that are outside of normal business hours.  We need to be sure the technology of the building supports the technology needs of the people that are employed by our tenants.

Take a look around.  The world out there is changing pretty fast.  And successful buildings will be the ones that bring that outside world inside.

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