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Leo O’Loughlin
IntelliCommand Services

There are lots of ways to improve your smart building project ROIs.  Are you capturing all of them?

Smart buildings improve on the old way of doing things by being really clever.  Using smart technologies by fixing a problem remotely can save a technician’s trip to a building…so what might normally take an hour or two is done in minutes.  This saves time, money, and greenhouse gas emissions.

There are also energy cost savings to be found under every rock.  By deploying smart technologies, you can optimize the energy performance of very sophisticated systems including central plants, all on a 24/7 basis, in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago.  Add into that mix of raw computing power a whole lot of subject matter expertise and you have a winning recipe.

But capturing all these benefits and making the case to bring a smart building solution into your organization is not always easy. Knowing your stakeholders, their hot points and the way they value project ROIs is critical. If you can gain fluency in articulating the true economic value of smart building projects, your chances of success are that much greater.

To get up to speed on this topic, listen to Realcomm’s complimentary webinar that took place Thursday, March 28, Measuring the Financial Results of a Smart Building – ROI Unleashed, and learn how to build the case for smart buildings.

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