Engaging Employees around Earth Day

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As JLL’s recently launched Global Sustainability Perspective on Employee Sustainability Engagement reported, engaged employees can help a company achieve its sustainability goals.  Earth Day 2013 (Monday, April 22nd) is a great opportunity to raise awareness of your internal and external sustainability efforts.  Keep reading to hear some great ideas about how to use Earth Day to effectively implement an engagement strategy that adds value to your business.

According to ENERGY STAR, by engaging employees in energy conservation activities, companies can achieve energy savings of up to 15.1%.  One way to accomplish this is through awareness campaigns asking employees to do things like turn off the lights, recycle, carpool, and use remote collaboration tools instead of airplane travel.

Following are some ways that other companies are using Earth Day to engage employees as well their broader communities:

  • Employee contests
  • Social Media Awareness campaigns
  • Sustainability fair highlighting recent initiatives
  • Sustainability-focused trade shows, speaker events and panel discussions
  • Employee & community recycling events
  •  “Lights off at lunch” campaign
  • Branded T-shirts, stickers, decals, etc. available for employees
  • Webinars
  • Volunteer events, workshops and drives

Things to keep in mind when you’re engaging your employees:

  • Keep the messages simple
  • “Go digital” where possible
  • Engage other business units (i.e. not just Corporate Real Estate)
  • Tailor efforts to local offices in order to leverage existing tools and practices
  • Provide a mixture of types of activities (e.g. outside, at desk, in common areas) to maximize participation
  • Attain support from leadership to ensure success

One thought on “Engaging Employees around Earth Day

  1. Parker White

    Across Asia Pacific, employee engagement is no less than vital to an effective environmental management program at a faci.ilty level. I really appreciate the simple, straight-forward ideas presented here. While it’s tempting to develop a comprehensive solution to people engagement, at the end of the day if you can’t get basic buy-in to simple ideas, you won’t get far.
    Parker White,
    Head of Energy and Sustainability for Greater China


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