Top 3 things that companies can do to improve CDP response

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Meaghan Farrell
VP, Sustainability Strategy

If you are a supplier to Bank of America, Microsoft, or Walmart, your company is probably asked to respond to the CDP Supply Chain questionnaire about its efforts to reduce carbon emissions.  CDP is one of the most popular vehicles for gathering carbon footprint management information. However, the questionnaire can be intimidating, and the score doesn’t always reflect all of the great things that a company is doing to improve its environmental impact.

Following are three ways that companies can improve their CDP response, based on our experience:

  1. Earlier and methodical project management and stakeholder engagement
  2. Write responses which match the rules according to CDP scoring guidelines
  3. Engage a third party to conduct an Independent Assurance of your company’s emissions data
  • This is important!

CDP is an independent not-for-profit organization representing 722 investors and over US$87 trillion in assets under management.  Over 80% of the world’s largest public companies use CDP to disclose their impacts on the environment and natural resources to stakeholders.  If your company is one of them, this is a great opportunity to tell the world about your progress in fighting climate change.

CDP Supply Chain responses are due July 31st!

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