The Face of Climate Change at Jones Lang LaSalle – pick a winner!

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Andy Carter
Chair, Global ACT Committee

Jones Lang LaSalle is committed to creating a more sustainable environment for current and future generations. We help clients do this throughout the world and we do this internally through our internal program ACT: A Cleaner Tomorrow.

This year, the ACT committee joined the Earth Day 2013 challenge and asked our employees to post photos of how they are taking ACTions to improve sustainability in the workplace or at home. Submissions came in from all over the world. There were quite a few photos of employees making great progress at reducing waste through recycling, composting and beach clean-up days. There were trips to national forests and biking to work. Of course several employees were running Earth Day events at their buildings – some ran events for an entire week!

Below are photos of the top ten finalists as voted on by their peers. Learn more in our latest Global Sustainability Perspective.

Cat Bampakou (Hong Kong)

The HK Deutsche Bank team has created a rainforest jungle within the client restaurant and provided a computer where residents could calculate their carbon footprint. We also provided step counters to encourage residents to use the internal staircase instead of the lifts and created a competition within users. Finally we invited a professional nutritionist to conduct a seminar about carbon free food.


Charles Carnahan (US)

My team in Northern Virginia is retrofitting fluorescent lighting with in house staff in our building. We are going from a system that uses 2 magnetic ballasts and 3 F40 bulbs to 1 electronic ballast and 3 F28 bulbs. A net reduction of about 47% in operating costs per fixture. We are also installing occupancy sensors that are estimated to save an additional 20-30%.



Jon Casteel (US)

Good Day. My home strives to promote a healthier planet through recycling, purchasing local foods and services. 6 months ago we started composting to further reduce waste, and I began to hug trees.

Victoria Chua (US)

Every year, our Earth Day event includes a planting booth where tenants are encouraged to plant their own flower/vegetable to take home and cultivate.

Ronald Dewey (US)

I will be running 3000 feet of drip irrigation to water my windbreak which we planted for erosion control.

Tony Dzick (US)

Earth Day 2013, my son Jake helped with the back yard garden. We expanded our operations to a massive 8×16 garden and installed some homemade “worm composting towers”! If you are unfamiliar to what a worm tower is; here is a YouTube link.

Cecilia Ortiz (US)

For Earth Day in Mexico´s office, Green Team brought basil plants to grow home vegetable gardens.

Kumar Ramaiah (India)

I have been composting domestic waste in a three layered structure made from clay. While all the vegetable waste from home is composted and dumping as municipal waste is avoided, this technology provides employment to local folks in making these terracotta. We have invited the inventor to speak about this at our Bangalore office on Earth Day. Please visit for more details.

Andy Rothman (US)

I have been committed to Earth Day over the years by helping out my local community, just recently I stepped it up and personally installed a 10 KW PV Systems that powers most of my house. Attached is a picture of the system that I installed, hope everyone has a great day!!

Miklos Szebenyi (Hungary)

For Earth Day we organized litter picking with our tenants around Dorottya Udvar office building in Hungary. Employees of Northgate Arinson, Lease Plan and PPD joined us. The result is on the picture.