Bringing together leading minds in sustainability

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Moh Palizi
Energy and Sustainability

We recently held an Energy and Sustainability round table event at VMware in Silicon Valley.  This event brought together some of our existing clients, along with potential clients, and led them through an open discussion around sustainability topics likely on the forefront of their minds.  This conversation proved extremely valuable, spurring new ideas and leading people to consider alternative solutions issues they faced. 

Our current ESS clients in attendance included Yahoo! and Intuit, and they were joined by representatives from EA, Juniper, and our host, VMware.  We covered a wide variety of topics including: smart building technologies; green building certification options; sustainability as a tool for engagement and recruitment of employees; and how to benchmark your sustainability program.   We saw how these leading companies in silicon valley were all keenly aware of the competitive advantage that a robust sustainability program could provide them in recruiting top talent.  The group also shared numerous common challenges, and we discussed strategies on how to obtain C suite buy in obtain funding for projects.  

The conversations contained so much passion and interest, we had to bypass a few topics our team had been prepared to lead.  Our event received extremely positive feedback from all who attended.  Our existing clients appreciated the opportunity to learn about our strong team of experts whom they could potentially leverage, and our potential clients saw our vast array of services we can provide. 

As an example of an opportunity that may not have been otherwise realized, VMware is going through a rapid expansion; the new construction is visible behind us in the photo (left) and felt by all of us who attended and had to park a few blocks away.  VMware is looking to ease this congestion with an employee shuttle program, something with which Frank Teng has experience as he helped deliver a world class program to Yahoo!  The ideas Frank shared were met with great appreciation.  

Based on the success of this event, we plan to hold a similar event in San Francisco in the near future, and highly recommend this format, if applicable, in your region.

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  1. John Queenan

    Hi Moh,
    I recently joined Michael Jordon’s ESS team – and will start at JLL in June. Your blog caught my interest as I oversaw many of the alternative transport programs at RBS Citizens Bank in the Americas – including offering shuttles, car pooling and EV charging. Perhaps we should connect when I start next month.
    Best Regards,


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