Congratulations to our ‘Face of Climate Change’ Contest Winner!

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Cat Bampakou
Jones Lang LaSalle

At Deutsche Bank this year we made a huge effort to raise awareness of Earth Week and to encourage residents to take part in various activities. We even participated in Earth Hour where we switched off all lights within our floors for an hour!

For Earth Week, the HK Deutsche Bank team created a rainforest jungle within the client restaurant and provided a computer application where residents could calculate their carbon footprint. The rainforest jungle was created by adding various plants in the restaurant to create a green environment where people could have lunch and relax. We also created a step counter competition to encourage residents to use the internal staircase instead of the lifts and gave out food coupons for the residents that completed the most steps during the week.

We displayed posters with recycling initiatives that took place in the building in the last 12 months. We recycled various things throughout the week such as electronic waste, old clothes, books and eyeglass frames! This helped the clients understand the impact that our day-to-day actions have in the environment and also find innovative ways to change our habits and create A Cleaner Tomorrow (ACT)!

Our catering business partner delivered an excellent nutrition seminar around low carbon food options during Earth Week. We take ACTion throughout the year by having the Green Monday initiative where the catering offering is expanded to low carbon dish options with plenty of vegetables and less meat.

I am very excited to be part of the ACT program in creating a sustainable environment for the future and it is really interesting that all team members and clients are willing to participate!

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