Tornadoes of Change … Coming To Your Neighborhood?

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Bob Best
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Every time we have a devastating weather event, like the tornado in Moore, OK; I wonder if climate change is starting to hit closer to home.

I am not the only one.

According to a story in Popular Science (Shaunacy Ferro – 5/22/13), scientists are trying to make the connection between climate change and increased tornado activity.

But, it’s not at all obvious.  In fact, the theories cover all sides of the issue.  One scientist says that a warming atmosphere leads to more storms of greater intensity.  Another says warming will actually decrease tornadoes.  2011 was the second deadliest tornado season for the U.S., but then 2012 was one of the mildest. 

The bottom-line is that tornadoes are incredibly unpredictable, and the models are not yet sophisticated enough to make the link between climate change and more or fewer tornadoes.

 After every severe weather event, people blame climate change, but the fact is … no one really knows.

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