Green rating systems, a necessity or nice to have?

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Jiri Skopek
Energy and Sustainability Services

At a recent green real estate conference it was discussed that green building management is now considered a mainstream best management practice – because well managed buildings – those that address energy and environmental as well as other considerations, generally have better financial performance whether they have been rated or not.

Q: If green is becoming the new norm, is there a need for rating?  

A: Good assessment methods are still needed as an asset management tools. Ideally, they should have the capability to track performance, preferably in real time, model the outcome of potential improvements, and report the performance status on an ongoing basis.  In other words, provide a “Prius like” feedback system, which can help asset managers gain visibility into how well they are managing their portfolios. To do this, rating systems need to have portfolio reporting and predictive capabilities to provide “what if scenarios.”  An automated data feed would also go a long way in making the rating system practical and user friendly. All of this presents an exciting new development for the green rating systems.

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