Getting Tenants into Energy Efficiency

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Jessica Pascaik
Energy and Sustainability Services


The Natural Resource Defense Council’s (NRDC) Center for Market Innovation (CMI) has started a project that is a win-win for both tenants and building owners. 

The High Performance Tenant Demonstration Project is aimed at accelerating demand for energy efficient tenant spaces in commercial offices.  

The best time for tenants to think about energy efficiency projects are when they are negotiating a new lease, a lease renewal, or an expansion.  That’s when tenant space design is under discussion, and it’s when energy efficient concepts are most likely to be considered.

Optimal energy performance projects include high efficiency lighting retrofits, daylight dimming controls, plug load switch controls, and ventilation and cooling optimization.

In the first live Demonstration Project, LFUSA applied this strategy to their 412,000 sq. ft. office space in the Empire State Building for projected annual energy savings of 30% and an estimated payback of only 3.4 years! 

Hopefully, other tenants will see the benefits and will embrace energy efficient ideas in their space designs.

High Performance Tenant Demonstration Project:

High Performance Tenant Spaces:–14172

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