Stop the #$*%&^@ Noise!

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Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services


Here’s a piece of the sustainability puzzle that few people talk about (because nobody can hear them!)

I am talking about noise pollution.  Not jackhammers or heavy equipment, but the invasive amount of noise creeping into our lives.  In restaurants.  In airports.  In hotel lobbies.

The other day I was in a hotel lobby, just trying to have a conversation with the colleague.  Unfortunately, the background music was blaring.  We actually had to go outside to talk.  And, it made me think … more and more places make it impossible to talk with people or even on the phone.  They pipe in music.  They make constant public service announcements.  They have tones, buzzers and bells.  Why?

I have noticed a lot of restaurant reviews now include comments on noise levels, because diners seem to want to avoid those places with bad acoustics and music in the background.  Yet, most places are completely unaware of the nuisance all this noise creates.  I wonder if they realize how much business they are losing because people don’t want to eat and scream, they want to dine and converse.

So, for those of you with control over these spaces … many of us don’t like your music, we don’t care about your announcements and we don’t appreciate all the other noise you are creating.

We like peace and quiet.  Please.

One thought on “Stop the #$*%&^@ Noise!

  1. Toby Hundertmark


    Couldn’t agree more – I had a very tough time finding a suitable location to take a client a couple of weeks ago. We simply could not find somewhere that was conducive with good conversation. Worse still, we finally found a quiet location and the people on the table next to us were slurping their soup, and masticating their food well above an acceptable audible level.

    Thanks for your post; I am glad I’m not the only one who notices this.

    Toby Hundertmark
    Industrial Services, South Australia


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