P&G achieves savings with smart building technology

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Leo O’Loughlin
VP, IntelliCommand

 Procter & Gamble (P&G) is no stranger to setting aggressive, data-driven efficiency, sustainability and profitability goals, but it is the company’s unique participation in adopting IntelliCommandSM smart building management technology, that is driving proven performance gains with first-year average energy cost savings of 10 percent. After deployment in a test group of facilities, P&G’s initial investment was returned within the first three months of energy cost savings.

As the first company to test this technology, P&G deployed IntelliCommand across 12 buildings totalling 3.2 million square feet of real estate with an immediate goal to apply its proprietary data analytics capabilities to inform real estate decisions and produce significant energy cost savings within one year. The premise was that IntelliCommand’s combination of cloud-based smart-building management technology provide P&G with 24/7, real-time facilities management. Where buildings may be “commissioned,” or tested for maximum energy efficiency, every few years, IntelliCommand enables continuous commissioning and performance adjustments that would dramatically reduce energy consumption and costs.

In fact, within 11 months, P&G had achieved overall pilot portfolio savings of 10 percent, or 4,400,000 kilowatt hours—with the demonstrated potential to achieve additional savings. Results were particularly strong at P&G’s technical center pilot site, where energy costs were reduced by 16 percent. Equally important, P&G’s initial investment in the IntelliCommand deployment was returned in the first three months. P&G was able to achieve energy savings and performance improvements, even though some of the pilot facilities were older and did not feature fully-automated systems. Smart buildings do not need to be new buildings.

“This pilot program confirmed that by using IntelliCommand, we can significantly improve the productivity of our buildings and employees.” We are committed to becoming the most data-driven, technology-enabled company in the world, as well as one of the most sustainable, in every area of our operations—not just those that are consumer-facing. IntelliCommand is helping us achieve our departmental goal of reducing our energy usage by 20 percent by 2020,”said Larry Bridge, Global Facilities and Real Estate Governance Manager at P&G.

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