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Apparently, the blog I recently wrote

I  recently wrote about noise intruding on our lives hit a nerve.

I have received an “earful” from all over the world that confirms it’s a problem that goes beyond my own imagination. 

Lots of people REALLY hate the intrusion of noise (music, humming machinery, loud air ducts, public announcements, etc.) in places where we want to have conversations (in person or by phone).

My favorite response actually cited a great article on this subject from the New York Times on 8/24/13.  Written by George Prochnik, entitled   “I’m Thinking. Please. Be Quiet”, the article examines a dimension beyond conversations, looking at how noise interferes with our thought processes.

So, not only do we ask that you turn down the noise so we can talk, we ask that you turn it down so that we can think.

Give it some thought … if you can find a nice quiet spot!

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