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Extreme Makeover: Commercial Construction Industry, GREEN Edition

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Posted by:
Dermot Roe
National Construction Lead 


Many wondered if the U.S. commercial construction industry would ever recover from the darkest days of the recession, particularly in late 2009 and early 2010. Jones Lang LaSalle’s (JLL) 2013 Construction Outlook finds that “Extreme Makeover” couldn’t be more appropriate for the commercial construction industry comparing 2009 to present. Just a few years after the recession… Read More

Philly’s Smartest Office: Raising the bar for energy efficiency and open office design

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Posted by:
Michael McCurdy
Market Director, Philadelphia


When deciding to move to a new Philadelphia office, JLL had a fairly concrete vision of the workspace they wanted —collaboration-ready spaces, a LEED certified design that achieved energy savings goals, and a multi-functional office that both conveyed and inspired innovation. 

By July 2013, this ambitious list of expectations was met and exceeded, completely raising the… Read More

Confessions of a Sustainability Consultant

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James Edney
Consultant-Upstream Sustainability Services

The excuse I reach for most often when I am being particularly unsustainable is that I have never flown. Anywhere. Ever. If I need more excuses I typically choose being a vegetarian for twelve years. These are rock-solid sustainable lifestyle choices and surely worth Lots of Points.

What’s more, I am a sustainability consultant. Bulletproof, right?

Because I do… Read More