Sustainability: It’s About Time

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Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services

We have been wasting our time … literally. 

 While everyone has been connecting sustainable workspace with energy savings and improved recycling, we have missed the biggest impact of all … time.

 Research into sustainable workspace and its impact on worker productivity has been going on for years, but it’s finally coalescing into a concept that will fuel the next leap forward for green office space.  The impact of such things as day-lighting, temperature control and indoor air quality on worker productivity may have economic impacts – as much as 100 times greater than energy savings.

 A 2003 study by the Heschong Mahone Group shows that giving office workers access to windows boosts the speed of workers in call centers by 6-10 % or improves the performance of office workers on mental acuity tests by 10-25% .

 A 2010 study from Michigan State University compared employees moving from a conventional office building to a  “green” office buildings and calculated a 2.6% productivity improvement among the employees who participated in the study.  While it sounds like a modest gain, the impact of 2.6% of total employee compensation has an enormous impact on the bottom line.

 And, there is more research every day showing the same impacts. 

It seems a workplace that is green is also more productive … and far more profitable, too.

One thought on “Sustainability: It’s About Time

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