Building Condition Assessments Move Beyond Due Diligence

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Joseph Andronaco
ProSite Building Assesments

In the early 1990s, the building condition assessment came into favor as part of the due diligence process.  Essentially, professional engineers and architects performed in-depth building inspections to support property transfers.

Over the past few years, the building condition assessment has grown into a powerful  tool for commercial building owners to make their existing assets greener and more energy efficient.

It makes a lot of sense.

The typical engineering staff does not have the in-depth technical and broad expertise to fully analyze a building’s performance and develop a long-term roadmap for improving operating efficiency.  Firms with these capabilities also bring a fresh perspective to a building, allowing them to present an unbiased analysis that is based on new technologies and operating concepts.  The results are truly “eye-opening.”

And, building condition assessments are inexpensive compared to major capital investments that might not even be needed.

Within our own portfolio of management assignments, we are finding that formal building condition assessments are the logical starting points for helping buildings reach optimal efficiency – quickly and economically.

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  1. Amanda Drew

    That’s good that you say that people have been able to make their buildings more energy efficient and greener with property condition assessments. That’d be especially good for companies who want their PR to improve and for them to look better as being eco-friendly is always a good move. The company would just want to get a good property condition assessment.


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