Solar Panels on Air Planes?

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Jessica Pasciak
Energy and Sustainability Services


Solar technology is soaring to new heights… literally.

A Spanish designer has envisioned a new, more environmentally friendly way to travel the skies.  Oscar Viñals’ futuristic “whale plane” is a huge new concept in air travel.  The “AWWA Sky Whale” is much larger than today’s biggest planes and could be the “greenest aircraft imaginable”.


The plane’s concept is built with current and not-yet-existing technologies that would outshine the airplanes of today.  Viñals’ design includes three levels and fits 755 travelers!  The plane would be powered by micro solar panels and four large hybrid electric engines.  The plane would be able to make longer journeys without refueling and reduce the amount of pollution emitted into the atmosphere, all while being much quieter than current models.

Futuristic technology incorporated in the design includes rotating engines, drag reducing materials such as alloys, ceramics or fiber composites, wings that break off in an emergency to minimize damage, and wings made of a “self-healing skin”.

The future of air travel looks bright!

One thought on “Solar Panels on Air Planes?

  1. Tom McGovern

    I can’t believe I have never even considered solar powered air planes! There would be such benefit in creating more fuel efficient aircraft. Thank you, Jessica!


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