Your Envelope: The Next Energy Edge?

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Bob Best



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Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services

Buildings are all trying to cut energy consumption through smart control system, more efficient equipment, lighting strategies and operating procedures.

But, most buildings are over-looking a potential energy edge … the building envelope.

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, “The building envelope – walls, roofs, windows and skylights – is responsible for about 25% of all building energy use.”

Most building managers shudder (pardon the pun) at attacking the envelope because they think all solutions involved big dollars, like a new roof or window caulking.

Maybe not.

Building envelop technology is one of the most promising frontiers in the commercial building industry.  Heat scans, infra-red reading and even building fly-overs that can quickly pinpoint problems are getting more traction.  They may even save you money by helping to avoid major expenditures that are not necessary.

When you are looking for ways to save energy, check out your envelope.  It might be the energy edge you’re looking for.

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