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Michael Jordan
Strategic Consulting


Some of my colleagues and I have just returned from attending the annual Ceres Conference, among the premier events of its kind.  Ceres is important because it convenes investors and companies in a consistently high quality workout on behalf of responsible economic preservation and growth.  (The organization has just celebrated 25 years of this singular mission.)

The message to investors from the keynote speaker Paul Gilding was CHOOSE – choose an investment strategy that incorporates climate change science.  Strategy “A” could be to take profit from deploying capital into extractive industries (despite a business model that causes economic collapse).  Investment strategy “B” could be to capitalize companies which are part of the radical re-tooling of the economy that will avoid collapse.

This theme of “choose” and of “be deliberate” recurs in my conversations with experts in sustainability.  The power of deliberate action is amazing!  Companies that choose to invest in large scale renewable energy, for example.  Companies that innovate products that are better for the environment (without costing more).  Companies that choose to advocate to policy makers for climate change mitigation.  What sort of future do we want?

Be deliberate.  Understand the facts and the science.  If you still need to choose your personal investment strategy, now is a good time to do so.

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