Is a green building also ‘Disaster-Ready’?

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Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services


The definition of a “sustainable building” may be changing in response to recent natural disasters, like Hurricane Sandy.  It appears that more buildings are starting to include disaster planning/management/ recovery/resiliency in their sustainability efforts.

It makes sense.

We want to design and manage buildings to minimize negative impacts on the environment.  At the same time, don’t we also want to minimize negative impacts of the environment on our buildings?

Many of the features and systems that make a building “greener” can also impact the building’s ability to withstand natural disasters … electrical systems, HVAC , lighting.  And, the same teams of people work on both … managers, engineers and our contractors.    So, many building managers are combining the two approaches into over their overall sustainability programs.

After all, while we are sustaining the environment, why not go the extra step and sustain the buildings we manage and the people inside them?

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