The Ultimate ‘Green’ Office is No Office At All

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Bob Best


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Bob Best
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Well, I took the plunge six months ago into the growing wilderness of virtual officing.

Surprisingly, it’s one of the smartest things I have done.  And, every day I realize it’s one of the greenest things I have done.

Once you clean out your personal space at the office, you realize you can work anywhere.  You are liberated.  It’s a mindset change with immense implications.

First, dump the paper.  It’s an anchor. The more you have, the less mobile you are.  Go electronic.  Organize your files.

Second, get the right technology to support mobility.  I like a combination of ear phones and microphone, so I can block out exterior noise, listen to music and make phone calls – all with the same piece of technology.

Third, get a good backpack.  It’s now your office.  Organize it and make sure you carry all the technology you need with you.

Why is all this green?

I don’t need to commute anywhere to go my work.  My work is wherever I am.  There is no gasoline being combusted to get somewhere just to sit.  I don’t need an infrastructure of lights, conditioned air, etc. that goes unused most of the time.

I am now a man of the world.  It’s not that I don’t have an office; the entire world is my office.

I can’t think of a better place to work.

One thought on “The Ultimate ‘Green’ Office is No Office At All

  1. George Pedro

    That’s great Bob! It is a wonderful thing to be able to work without the constraints of 4 walls. I am all for it and have done so for years in while concentrating on my artwork. Only one drawback to the vision of everyone being able to do the same thing is the simple fact that JLL thrives on the business of Clients with Physical Office Spaces and just think, if all business was now handled virtually, there would be no need for physical buildings. Until someone figures out a way ( and I am sure they will someday) to charge for and manage virtual spaces as though they were physical spaces, companies like JLL will need to find clients of a different sort.


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