ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition for the Real World

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Bob Best
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Who really cares about the World Cup?

The truly important competition, the EPA’s ENERGY STAR National Building Competition (NBC), is kicking off and can have a real impact on something we all care about … the Real World (you know, our planet).

Commercial buildings waste, on average, about 30% of the energy they consume.  The NBC creates an incentive for building owners and managers to implement efficiency initiatives.

This year marks the first time the EPA has invited groups of five or more buildings to compete as a team in the annual ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition: Team Challenge.  More than 5,500 buildings and 100 teams will face off in the NBC.  Participants will measure and track their monthly energy consumption using the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® tool.

In April 2015, the EPA will recognize the individual and team competitors that demonstrate the greatest percentage-based reduction in energy and water use. The EPA will also recognize the best-preforming building in each category, as well as all individual and team competitors who reduce energy or water use by 20% or more.

I am proud to say that JLL has 26 properties on our NBC team, and we intend to win.

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