Moving forward with LEED v4

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Carey Guerin
Energy and Sustainability Services


The cut-off date to test under the LEED v2009 material was June 15 and that deadline sparked action by many people to complete this career goal that most likely has been on their to-do list for a while.

A recent study shows that demand for LEED professionals and the knowledge they bring to the work place has increased 46% in the last year.

I enjoyed sending out all the congratulations emails and witnessing property teams and regional cross-functional teams unite to accomplish the goal together.

Susan Pai, general manager of Pasadena Towers in California saw the deadline as a an opportunity to motivate her property team to get the credential. “It was fun to study as a team (brought out our competitive as well as supportive qualities). Making the most of the resources here at the building, whether it’s efficient energy use, water use, or use of materials is an important duty we have as managers of the building. Getting the LEED credential confirmed the practices we have in place and exposed us to other options available to us. It also solidified the idea that sustainability touches all aspects of our job in the real estate industry. Pasadena has passed aggressive green building legislation regarding noise pollution and the LEED principles tie in to this effort. Pasadena Towers is a premium Class A building and while the building has not pursued official LEED certification, we can still operate the building with LEED principles in mind.” Her chief engineer agrees. Paul Powell, LEED AP O+M shared “The best way to create a team environment it to set a reasonably difficult task in front of them and then give them a very short deadline to complete it. It was fun and we all pitched in helping one another learn the material. With the importance of saving resources and having our buildings run as efficient as possible, the LEED information is a good tool in helping us all understand why we do what we do.”

JLL added LEED professionals globally to our ranks and more people went beyond their Green Associate credential and achieved an AP credential before the deadline.

Over 1460 LEED professionals on staff here at JLL have a credential they can point to that documents their green building knowledge. A valuable achievement personally for their career and for our building owners and occupiers benefiting from the green building knowledge they have been exposed to.

To all recently accredited LEED professionals, within JLL and outside of JLL, I say CONGRATULATIONS and I hope you enjoy your study-free summer (or winter for those down south)!

To those who didn’t meet the deadline, I wish you the best of luck studying the LEEDv4 material and encourage you to keep at it. It’s worth it.



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