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Turn it OFF!

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Jessica Pasciak
Energy and Sustainability Services

JLL’s New York office participated in Daylight Hour on June 20th, an event hosted by the non-profit organization Green Light New York, that shut their office lights off for 1 hour at noon.

The goal was to help them better appreciate the positive impact of natural light in their work environment.

Lighting accounts for 1/3 of electricity use… Read More

2030 Districts

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Jiri Skopek



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Jiri Skopek
Energy and Sustainability

Judging from the second summit in Seattle, the 2030 District initiative is taking off! In addition to current established districts in Seattle, LA, Denver, Pittsburgh and Cleveland —several other 2030 Districts are emerging, or are about to declare the full membership. Among those are San Francisco, Toronto, Dallas, San Antonio, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Ithaca and Stamford.… Read More

Is Your Sustainability Program Suffering because Your Sponsor Left? 

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Michael Jordan
Strategic Consulting


This year I’ve seen an uptick in networking requests from sustainability leaders looking… Read More