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Jessica Pasciak
Energy and Sustainability Services

JLL’s New York office participated in Daylight Hour on June 20th, an event hosted by the non-profit organization Green Light New York, that shut their office lights off for 1 hour at noon.

The goal was to help them better appreciate the positive impact of natural light in their work environment.

Lighting accounts for 1/3 of electricity use by New York City commercial buildings, but many of these lights can be turned off when the sun is out.

More than 45 offices, representing over 631,258 square feet participated in the shut off!

JLL’s 330 Madison Ave office in NYC participated in the event, and achieved some amazing results. Just by turning the lights of during daylight hour, they reduced their office’s electricity consumption over 30% on June 20thGreen Blog

Not only did this help save money, our colleagues loved what the natural light contributed to their office space so much, that they decided to continue it, every Friday at noon, through the end of the summer!

Green Light New York estimated that if the JLL office kept the lights off year-round during day-lit workweek hours, they could save $5,200 and 35,000 kWh – that’s the equivalent of CO2 emissions from burning 26,000 pounds of coal or consuming 3,000 gallons of gasoline!

I hope we all can take a lesson from this great project, and remember to Turn it OFF!

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