Is There More ‘Green’ in Green?

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Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services

We have been so focused on cost savings from sustainable real estate ideas, such as energy conservation, that we have been missing an idea with much bigger dollar potential.

While more daylight, better air quality and temperature control can make the workplace “greener,” there is another far more important financial impact on a company’s bottom-line. Many of these sustainable ideas also help people be more productive.

And, beyond sustainability measures, there are impacts from such ideas as improved acoustics, ergonomic furniture, and more worker-friendly space designs. Together, these green and productive improvements can make a huge, positive impact on workers and how they perform their jobs.

Don’t believe it?

Stay tuned. Over the next few months we will be sharing ideas, research results and case studies that indicate incredible outcomes are possible.

Consider this … Even a fraction of a percent improvement in overall productivity multiplied by a company’s compensation has an enormous impact on the bottom line. After all, for most companies, people represent over 90% of all costs.

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