A Renewable Way to Reach 2020 Green Goals

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Dave Gralnik
Energy and Sustainability

As organizations look for ways to reach aggressive 2020 sustainability goals, like GHG emission reductions from the uses of renewable energy, a new way to confidently tap into renewable energy services is emerging.

Called “matchmaking,” the concept facilitates a process that introduces companies seeking to meet their GHG objectives with qualified renewable energy developers looking for offtakers for the energy they produce (both on and offsite). The Matchmaker’s experience in renewable technologies, qualifying developers and vetting deal structuring bridges the expertise and investment gap needed to procure renewable energy from solar, wind and/or biomass.

Here’s how it works …

A company simply discusses its green goals with a renewable energy services expert (the “Matchmaker”).  The Matchmaker can then craft a plan that incorporates the appropriate technologies, vendors and deal structures. By knowing the market, the Matchmaker facilitates a bidding process that leads to the vendor’s selection and supports the procurement negotiations to secure favorable terms including financing structures, like Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), that can be utilized to make the installations and Matchmaking service “cost-free.”

If needed, the Matchmaker can also manage the on-going relationships to ensure the renewable energy solutions perform over time and continue to meet the GHG objectives that were initially targeted.

Want to know more? Check out the full article at http://bit.ly/1GqFwoo.

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