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Nobel Physics prize awards the reduction of global electricity consumption

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AdrianPosted By:
Adrián Martínez Espitia
Latin America Energy Analyst

LED Lighting has been an important component in an Energy Efficiency program as “ECM” for JLL since Energy Services have been offered. Therefore, an article dedicated to this was worth-value.

Last December 10th 2014, three Japanese-born scientists  Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura, received the Nobel Physics Prize, due to a discovery that has fostered… Read More

Plug Load and a ‘Plug’ for ENERGY STAR®

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Bob BestPosted By:
Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services

Where does all the energy in your workplace actually go?

One place is a thing called “plug load.” It’s all those appliances and devices plugged in around the office…computers, desk lights, printers, desk fans, vending machines, etc. In a typical workplace, these add up to about 20% of the electricity used.

One way to address “plug load”… Read More

7 Steps to Energy Management

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WayneAlldredgePosted by:
Wayne Alldredge
Energy and Sustainability Services

I get asked frequently about energy management and how to implement a program. I thought I would recommend to you my 7 Steps in getting your energy management program going.

Step 1: Develop a clear and consistent Conservation Directive from top Executive Management – Delivering consistent, simple objectives for workers to follow helps ensure continued energy management… Read More

The Hal 9000 is Here Today: Your Office Building

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Parker_2Posted by:
Parker White
Energy and Sustainability Services

Imagine arriving at your office in the morning to find your workspace ready for you, with lighting and temperature as you prefer, and your computer turned on for use. Today’s intelligent building automation systems are bringing that scenario to life.

While today’s computer-controlled building systems have yet to reach the level of awareness of HAL 9000, the… Read More

Energy…Is there an Alternative?

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Dave GralnikPosted By:
Dave Gralnik
Energy and Sustainability Services

There are a lot of alternatives!

Not only are there a myriad of new energy sources, but purchasing options have grown exponentially.

Today, not only is solar a far more viable option economically, but there are “solar gardens” and “renewable energy farms” that eliminate the need to put panels on-site.

And, there are now a variety of ownership… Read More