Energy…Is there an Alternative?

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Dave Gralnik
Energy and Sustainability Services

There are a lot of alternatives!

Not only are there a myriad of new energy sources, but purchasing options have grown exponentially.

Today, not only is solar a far more viable option economically, but there are “solar gardens” and “renewable energy farms” that eliminate the need to put panels on-site.

And, there are now a variety of ownership options of alternative energy systems – from outright ownership to finance/leasing models to Power Purchase Agreements and beyond. There is a growing array of rebates and incentives to make the financial implications even more favorable.

Beyond solar, buildings are looking at everything from wind to bio-mass to fuel cells.

Want to know more? The Corporate Energy Sourcing conference in San Diego (January 12-14) is a great opportunity to get up-to-speed on this fast-changing market. In fact, I am part of panel at 10:45am on January 12 … “Sourcing Renewable/Low Carbon Energy for Corporate Operations: A Comparison of Strategies, Tactics and Solutions.”

For more info, check out my piece on Renewable Energy Matchmaking.

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