Plug Load and a ‘Plug’ for ENERGY STAR®

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Bob Best
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Where does all the energy in your workplace actually go?

One place is a thing called “plug load.” It’s all those appliances and devices plugged in around the office…computers, desk lights, printers, desk fans, vending machines, etc. In a typical workplace, these add up to about 20% of the electricity used.

One way to address “plug load” is with energy efficient appliances. By replacing old equipment with ENERGY STAR® equipment, there are some very good ways to cut plug load. Consider the potential savings from ENERGY STAR® equipment, as shown below.

  • Desktop Computer: 32%
  • Laptop Computer: 31%
  • Printer: 36%
  • Color Laser Device: 40%
  • Refrigerator: 15%
  • Water Cooler: 50%
  • Vending Machines: 50%

These savings can really add up. And, this something employees can get directly involved in. They see and touch these appliances all the time.

Why not save some energy, and get employees directly involved in the effort? Plug them into the process.

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One thought on “Plug Load and a ‘Plug’ for ENERGY STAR®

  1. Angela Mazzarese

    Thank you for sharing Bob. I remember when we used to leave our computers on all night and thought it was odd a decade ago when everyone wanted the employees to start shutting off the computers at night. 🙂 It’s amazing to see how far we have come.

    Those vending machines are really something. Maybe in the near future it will be more popular for the vending machines to have sensors so that when they aren’t in use for a while then they will shut down the lighting. Thank you.


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