One Way To Save Building Energy is Clear

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One Way To Save Building Energy is Clear. Literally.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 35% of the energy wasted in buildings is due to inefficient windows.

The degree to which a window allows heat loss or gain is based on many factors, including size, the type of glazing, the frame and how well-sealed the window is.

But, buildings typically do not look as carefully at windows as they do building controls, fan systems, chiller plants and thermostats. The general thought is that the windows “are what they are,” so we work on other things we consider more “controllable.”

Consider this … the Empire State Building in New York realized that by replacing over 6,500 double-pane windows with triple barrier windows would cut energy needs by 15%, actually saving more money than increasing the capacity of the HVAC systems. So, that’s what they did and the results are even better than expected.

Looking for ways to reduce building energy consumption? The answer could be pretty clear.

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2 thoughts on “One Way To Save Building Energy is Clear

  1. Jeff Franson

    Hi Bob – Retro-fit sloar and low-e film is the way to go for most commercial buildings: Today’s high performance window films from 3M and others can let in over 70% of the visible light, block 50+% of the solar heat gain and have manufacturer backed 15 year warranties…to learn more visit
    I’ll also be at the JLL Property Management and JLL Engineering conferences over the next few months and hope we can connect. – J

  2. Lauren

    Thanks for sharing this information! It is interesting to read that 35% of energy wasted is due to inefficient windows. Searching for ways to improve that percentage is important to sustainable construction.


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