Want To Save Energy? Go Downtown!

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Much of our energy-saving efforts are focused on cities.


Two reasons.

First, though they represent about 2% of land use, they consume about 70% of the world’s energy.  So, they are where the biggest potential lies.

Second, cities are the right governmental level for maximum impact. They control codes and regulations. Cities have the infrastructure (inspectors and licensing agencies) and the proximity to implement energy-efficiency programs.

And, it’s happening. Cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Charlotte are taking the lead with green building ordinances and innovative energy conservation programs. In many cases, they are supported by local utilities through programs and incentives.

One of the best city plans is the Sustainable Chicago 2015 Action Agenda:


Following Chicago-architect Daniel Burnham’s advice to “Make No Little Plans,” cities are leading the charge with big plans, big programs and big results.

Check out Navigant Research’s Smart City and the Energy Cloud report:


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