Microgrids … The Answer for Resiliency?

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In the wake of ever-increasing natural disasters, owners and users of real estate are scrambling to make their buildings energy-resilient.

Today, microgrids are emerging as the answer of choice.

These are typically building-specific solar panels, fuel cells, natural gas turbines and energy storage devices that are integrated strategically to allow the building to become energy self-sufficient when utility power is disrupted.

While these alternative energy ideas have long supported sustainability goals, buildings are now looking at the same concepts strictly as business continuity guarantees. This is especially true for facilities with critical data operations, unique storage requirements (e.g. refrigeration) and key locations that simply cannot “go down.”

While these systems are available on stand-by, they can be used to augment power requirements through peak shaving to save the building on high utility demand charges.  In some cases, buildings actually sell power back into the utility grid.

So, microgrids are green, economical and dependable. That’s an unbeatable combination, and building owners and occupants are getting plugged in at an accelerating rate.

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