Corporate Social Responsibility… Is It For Real?

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It’s standard practice these days for companies to brag about their accomplishments in social responsibility, including sustainability.

Is it a good thing?

Here at JLL, we think corporate social responsibility is important for a number of reasons. First, just talking about social responsibility means companies are thinking about it. Ten years ago that was not the case.  Second, producing these corporate responsibility reports require time and effort. There are programs to describe and statistics to collect, so companies are investing in the process. Third, they must think it’s good business and, if social responsibility is good business, that’s a good thing.

2014 Global Sustainability ReportJLL just published our annual Global Sustainability Report, where we detail many of our successes and areas for improvement within our sustainability efforts. A few key “green” facts and figures from the report include:

  • 1,531 sustainability-accredited professionals and 9,455 hours of verified sustainability training
  • ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence recognition for the past four years
  • 62,650 metric tons of CO2 averted through renewable energy projects
  • 477 million kilowatt hours of measured energy savings for our clients

To download the full report, please click here. To learn more about JLL’s sustainability strategy, please visit our global sustainability website.



Bob Best is Executive VP for Technical Services with JLL, where he has worked in energy and sustainability, property management, new business development, marketing and a myriad of other areas since 1986. He is a LEED Accredited Professional and a Green Globes Professional. For Mr. Best’s full bio, please click here

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