Employees, Go Home!

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Want to save money?  Send your employees home.

It’s cheaper.  And, they will be happier.

Deloitte Touche assumes an average seat cost of $12,000 per employee for traditional office space, while the cost is only $10,000 for a tele-working employee.

Gartner research notes that IBM slashed its annual real estate cost by $50 million through tele-working.  Sun Microsystems saves $68 million per year.

But, the money saved is the tip of the iceberg.

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According to the Global Workplace Analytics Review, tele-commuting improves employee productivity by reducing absenteeism and improving the quality of output.  Best Buy, British Telecom, Amex and other companies report productivity improvements of 35%-40% for tele-workers.  Sun Microsystems reports that employee spend 60% of the time they would normally spend commuting doing work for the company.  Alpine Access reports that remote agents close 30% more sales with 90% fewer customer complaints.

So, want more productive employees who cost you less money?

Send ‘em home.

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Bob-Best-85wBob Best is Executive VP for Technical Services with JLL, where he has worked in energy and sustainability, property management, new business development, marketing and a myriad of other areas since 1986. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, a Green Globes Professional, and co-author of The Green + Productive Workplace: The Office of the Future… Today. For Mr. Best’s full bio, please click here

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