Three Ways to Quiet

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Noise in the workplace is one of the most common complaints from employees – and noise can have a very real impact on employee productivity.

But, it’s not that easy to just “turn down the volume.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to.

There are three ways to reduce noise as a workplace distraction:


First, reduce noise at it sources. Separate noisy areas and humming equipment from areas where people need quiet to be most effective. Muffle noisy equipment. Ask people to turn phone ringers down or on vibrate. Find the things producing the noise and try to isolate them or make them quieter.


SoundsSecond, reduce noise along its pathways. Sound-absorbing materials, like ceiling tiles and cloth-covered partitions, can make an enormous impact. Consider sound-masking, which assures that noise from conversations does not travel more than 15 feet away.


HeadphonesThird, control noise at the receiver. Provide ways for workers to block noise at their ears. Try headphones or, even better, noise-cancelling devices that automatically counter noise waves to neutralize them.


Three sound ideas for a better workplace.

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Bob-Best-85wBob Best is Executive VP for Technical Services with JLL, where he has worked in energy and sustainability, property management, new business development, marketing and a myriad of other areas since 1986. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, a Green Globes Professional, and co-author of The Green + Productive Workplace: The Office of the Future… Today. For Bob’s full bio, please click here

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