Turning Trash Into Cash: Building a Cost Effective Zero Waste Program

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JLL’s Solid Waste Program Manager Ana Wyssmann debunks the myths surrounding zero waste programs and discusses tools that businesses can use to achieve zero waste. This topic will be discussed in greater detail at the 2015 Greenbuild International Conference in Washington D.C. (November 18-20).

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As more and more organizations seek to reduce their environmental impact, businesses are increasingly turning to waste management programs as a tool to achieve sustainability objectives.

Many businesses choose to implement recycling programs with annual targets and perceive a “zero waste” approach to waste management as unrealistic. But, in fact, zero waste is attainable – and adopting this approach can help your organization to maximize the value of tossed materials, offset expenses associated with improving recycling infrastructure and support a strong waste management strategy.

Myths abound surrounding the zero waste philosophy. Understanding the realities of a zero waste approach is the first step in the process:

  • Zero waste initiatives don’t have to be cost-prohibitive
  • Leveraging commodity market tools can help you to maximize the value of your waste streams
  • An “all-hands-on-deck” approach – across owners, service providers, and tenants – is essential to drive zero waste program success

Interested in learning more about the zero waste approach to recycling? Attend Turning Trash Into Cash – Building a Cost Effective Zero Waste Program at Greenbuild on Wednesday, November 18 at 3:00pm EST, or contact Ana Wyssmann for more information.


WyssmannHeadshotAna Wyssmann is JLL’s Solid Waste Program Manager. Ana is responsible for developing sustainable waste management strategies and implementing standardized programs for facility operations ranging from 100 square feet to 12 million square feet in the U.S. and globally. Her expertise is in portfolio recycling and waste reduction, and her programs have achieved and exceeded 90% waste diversion. 

2 thoughts on “Turning Trash Into Cash: Building a Cost Effective Zero Waste Program

  1. Jeff Wolff

    Hi Ana,
    Your points are extremely necessary with everything that is occurring these days. As you mentioned, I think the most difficult of all, is having everyone “Buy-In” to the change. With that said, the “State-of-Mind” with many is, “whats in it for me?” They don’t realize that by not buying-in to the movement will ultimately be the slow unraveling of our environment. I look forward to watching and contributing to the change as it evolves. Good Luck and is there a blog to follow?
    Best Regards,
    Jeff Wolff

  2. Ron Goedken

    So Happy to hear this!
    I can remember seeing that instead of dumping trash at places, separation can be done manually by some individuals.
    I also heard of a process that turns the trash into a reusble commodity. Sounds like there is a need for start up funds, but someone is ready when he gets the funds.
    This is an ideal thing it sounds like.


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