Green Buildings Perform Better… and So Do the Employees Who Work There

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Simone Concha, JLL’s Director of Sustainability – Australia, discusses the impact that sustainable buildings can have on employee performance.  

The fact that more efficient buildings cost less to operate and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions is now well-documented and widely-accepted. Changing out fluorescent lights to LEDs and re-commissioning HVAC systems has become a standard protocol in the facilities management profession. But the case for green buildings becomes even more compelling when reviewing the positive impacts to the people working inside those buildings. Research studies conclude green buildings contribute to productivity: people are happier with natural light, fresher air, more natural fabrics and non-VOC paints in their furnishings and better noise protection.ThinkstockPhotos-474096790

In an effort to better understand the links between employee health, well-being and productivity and sustainable workplaces, JLL took an active role in a global research project led by the World Green Building Council to develop common metrics to measure productivity and well-being. The report contains substantial evidence linking sustainable building design and construction to meaningful benefits for employee performance. With these techniques in mind, JLL has partnered with a client to create a set of green tenant improvements as part of their new headquarters building. We also work closely with BREEAM, the US Green Building Council  and Green Globes to bring state-of-the-art business design, construction and more recently, green leasing practices, to market.

JLL has taken the lead in debuting alternative workplace strategies through our WorkSmart program, with a large share of our own global offices now providing some form of ‘hoteling’ space, including quiet rooms, ‘touch and go’ areas and discussion pods. The WorkSmart@420 in Sydney is a great example of infusing these non-traditional working principles into our own corporate offices.

Our 2014 Global Sustainability Report includes several examples of other global success stories. Interested in learning more? The WorldGBC research report is also worth a read.


ConchaHeadshotSimone Concha is JLL’s Director of Sustainability – Australia. Simone is responsible for coordinating the delivery of sustainability services across all business lines in Australia, and leading the Australian business to meet JLL global corporate sustainability objectives. She is a Member of the Green Building Council of Australia, a Green Star Accredited Professional and a Certified Assessor. 

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