Energy and Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2016

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JLL’s Real Views spoke with Dan Probst, JLL’s Chairman of Sustainability and Energy Services, about energy and sustainability trends that will drive change throughout 2016. For the full video, please click here

business analyzeFrom the falling prices of crude oil to President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, energy and sustainability topics gained considerable attention worldwide in 2015. What are the key trends to watch in energy and sustainability for 2016?

In 2015, governments and businesses made energy and sustainability a priority – setting the stage for accelerated developments in 2016:

  • At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December – informally known as COP21 – 195 countries reached a historic agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and curb global warming by 2100. This outcome – referred to as the Paris Agreement – stipulates an overarching objective to limit global temperatures from rising above 2 degrees Celsius relative to pre-industrial levels. This milestone agreement means that governments, businesses and individuals are now tasked with reducing energy consumption, seeking low-carbon energy sources, and demonstrating a heightened commitment to preserving the health of our planet.
  • Many leading organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies, have publicly stated their sustainability and energy-reduction objectives. In many cases, these commitments are aggressive – demonstrating the business community’s investment in operating sustainably.

As a result, we anticipate seeing the following trends evolve throughout 2016:

  • There will be an increased demand for integrated energy retrofits, designed to reduce energy consumption in existing buildings and driven largely by LED lighting solutions.
  • As “smart” technology advances and becomes more affordable, we anticipate seeing an increased deployment of advanced building control systems. These smart building solutions will have important implications for real estate investors, owners and occupiers, especially as the Internet of Things continues to gain traction and technologies continue to evolve.
  • There will be continued activity and accelerated growth in the alternative energy sector – especially in light of greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets set forth by each nation as part of the Paris Agreement.

Interested in learning more? Watch “What are the big trends to watch in U.S. real estate?” from JLL’s Real Views, featuring JLL’s Chairman of Sustainability and Energy Services, Dan Probst.


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