Smart buildings, smarter workplaces

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The applications of smart building technology are practically endless — from advanced lighting and HVAC controls to room scheduling and wayfinding. But what do these new solutions mean for your business? What does the workplace of the future look like, and how can you take advantage of smart buildings today?

JLL’s Darlene Pope and Bob Best recently sat down with Work Design Magazine to discuss how smart buildings are transforming the modern workplace experience. Watch the webinar here 

There’s no doubt that smart technology is changing the way that buildings operate and the way that people work – and the implications for your workplace strategy are profound.

Here are 3 things that you need to know as you consider how smart building technology can help you to create a more sustainable and more productive workplace:

  • A smarter building is more energy efficient – and healthier! Smart building technology provides the ability to collect operational data from building systems, such as lighting and HVAC, in order to optimize performance and energy efficiency. These “smart” systems respond to real-time conditions and occupant needs and adjust temperature and lighting levels accordingly – reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. In addition, the improved lighting levels, temperature, and indoor air quality contribute to the overall health and wellness of your employees, clients and visitors.   
  • Real-time data from your smart building systems drives better use of space.  A smart building has sensors throughout the workplace to determine actual occupancy levels and space utilization. The building sensor network can determine when and how often a workstation, conference room, or office is actually used in order to support room scheduling or hoteling — enabling you to use your space more efficiently. In addition, this space usage information can better drive your workplace strategy by providing quantitative data on how much and what type of space you really need.
  • Smart building technology is a powerful tool in the war for top talent. Today’s organizations are increasingly focused on attracting and retaining top talent, and smart buildings respond to the needs of the increasingly mobile, high-tech, apps-driven workforce. Enabling your employees to customize their workplace experience by setting and adjusting their own lighting and temperature preferences from their mobile devices is a potent differentiator. Having special apps that support concierge services, security and building access, parking — and even local restaurants and other retail promotions — will attract and retain top talent.

There’s no doubt that smart building technology is transforming the workplace.  To learn more about what the workplace of tomorrow looks like, watch this webinar from Work Design Magazine, featuring Darlene Pope and Bob Best, JLL’s leading experts on smart buildings and the workplace of the future.

PopeHeadshotDarlene Pope is Senior Vice President for Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS) at JLL. Darlene has more than 25 years of experience in commercial real estate, technology, and smart building solutions. Darlene founded smart building consulting and solutions business CoR Advisors in 2009. She is a nationally-recognized author and speaker on intelligent buildings, energy management, green buildings, sustainability, and other real estate technologies, and was recently named one of Bisnow’s Power Women in Commercial Real Estate.

Bob-Best-85wBob Best is Executive VP for Technical Services with JLL, where he has worked in energy and sustainability, property management, new business development, marketing and a myriad of other areas since 1986. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, a Green Globes Professional, and co-author of The Green + Productive Workplace: The Office of the Future… Today. For Bob’s full bio, please click here

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