5 steps to create a happier – and more productive – workplace

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There’s no doubt that creating a happier, healthier workplace can pay dividends – especially when it comes to driving productivity (not to mention, attracting and retaining top talent). But where should your organization start on your journey to build a happier work environment by inspiring mindfulness and gratitude? While opportunities to inspire a happier workforce abound, the below suggestions are a useful starting point.

While it’s impossible to build a happier work environment overnight, there are a number of simple steps that you can take as you start your journey to a happier, more productive workplace:

  1. Happier productive workplaceEncourage senior management to demonstrate gratitude to employees on a regular basis. Making employees feel valued – both as individuals and for their work performance – is key. Recognition can take many forms – whether through a formal awards program or more informal communications (like email or even in casual conversation).
  2. Create a work environment where your team feels at ease. Your employees should feel comfortable sharing their successes, building rapport, and even taking the time to laugh together.
  3. Provide quiet zones that employees can use to sit, breathe, and focus the mind. A few minutes away from the computer screen and the phone are oftentimes the quiet break that your employees need to return to their work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  4. Offer ample opportunities for your staff to improve their “happiness skills.” Courses or seminars that address social intelligence, resilience, and interactions are a useful forum to share best practices and improve the experiences that your employees have every day at work.
  5. Consider the many ways in which technology can help you to create a better overall experience for your employees. Smart building technology, for example, offers your employees the opportunity to customize their workspace to meet their preferences and reduce or eliminate common workplace frustrations (such as too-cold office temperatures or overly-low lighting). For today’s web-based, apps-driven workforce, this level of personal control over their surroundings is an important contributor to overall comfort and happiness.

Interested in learning more about how happiness can contribute to a more productive, more sustainable workplace? Contact Simone Concha.

JLL Simone ConchaSimone Concha is JLL’s Director of Sustainability – Australia. Simone is responsible for coordinating the delivery of sustainability services across all business lines in Australia, and leading the Australian business to meet JLL global corporate sustainability objectives. She is a Member of the Green Building Council of Australia, a Green Star Accredited Professional and a Certified Assessor.

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